Responsibilities shrugged off…

…and then sheepishly picked back up.

I remember reading a saying which went something like “a task expands to fill the time allotted”. Never does that seem more true than when I set myself a blog post to write… It just seems there’s an avalanche of small tasks that pile  up and force themselves into my ‘schedule’ (if you can call it that). But enough complaining. I leave for Malaysia in 32 hours!! I promise to write plenty and take many photographs.

I’ve been up to some other stuff while not writing blog posts, too. I traveled north of Adelaide to a tiny town named Port Germein for a couple of nights, expect a post about that soon. I also may or may not write about my past experiences in Egypt, Australia, Germany – et cetera.

Don’t forget to step back and just think every now and again.
See you soon!