The best drunk food. Ever.

It’s 2am. You’re a bit drunk. You realize you’re very hungry.

This… unique set of circumstances creates a perfect storm of fantastically unhealthy food. We being to crave short-term reward and the most gratifying eating experience. Almost always, this just so happens to be something hot, crunchy, fatty, and salty. This fantastic four of delicious-things-which-will-also-kill-you are something of a ritual for many weekend alcoholics. In a space filled with the likes of Mac ‘n Cheese, Döner Kebab, and $2 Maccas burgers, though, one food reigns supreme: the grilled cheese.


Grilled cheese à la drunk

The ‘best‘ grilled cheese has always been a contentious topic, but I think many people overlook the ..significance of the environment in which a grilled cheese is usually prepared: stumbling into the kitchen at 2:07am, fumbling for something vaguely bread-like to smear with butter and throw in the pan and top with whatever cheese you find in the fridge. That will probably produce something very different to a ‘gourmet’ grilled cheese prepared sober.

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Groovin’ The Moo 2015

25th April, 2015

The moo was most definitely groovin’.

I’m not what you’d call a ‘festy head’ (note lack of being shredded for stereos, bruh), so it was a rare thing that I could be dragged into the mud and rain for a music festival, of all things. I admit, the lineup did it for me – Sticky Fingers, Flight Facilities, Hermitude, Meg Mac, Hilltop Hoods. With several of my favourite artists playing so close to home, I really couldn’t not go.

Staged shot (heh)

One of the three stages

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